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Our wheelchair ramps provide invaluable assistance for gaining access to your home and going about your daily activities. We supply portable wheelchair ramps for use in a wide range of environments and they are particularly useful for accessing relatives' houses that are not permanently accessible. Our range includes folding, telescopic channel, threshold ramps and half steps to offer comprehensive solutions to access issues.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

There are various areas of wheelchair mobility but one of the biggest is portable wheelchair ramps. A wheelchair ramp enables someone in a wheelchair to get into and out of their house whilst staying in their wheelchair. Wheelchair ramps can also offer wheelchair mobility throughout the rest of the house too.

Wheelcair Mobility

NRS Healthcare sells portable wheelchair ramps to help people when they are out of the house. Portable ramps can be used when on holiday, staying at a friend’s house or anywhere else they might be required. Some of the portable wheelchair ramps fold up whilst other portable ramps can be rolled up and carried in a handy bag which can be hung on the back of the wheelchair.

Portable wheelchair ramps make it much easier to get past obstacles and let people in wheelchairs get to places and see things which they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.

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