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Create a more comfortable seat for your wheelchair with our specially created padded cushions and pressure relieving aids. Our thoughtfully designed wheelchair cushions can also help to position you correctly so that your experience in the chair is safer and more pleasant. With our wheelchair accessories like the Hydrant, and also our wheelchair clothing, you can remain comfortable, warm and dry when using your wheelchair.

Walking Aid Accessories

NRS Healthcare sells various walking aid accessories so that people can keep their walking aids in excellent condition and also so that they can get the most from their walking aid. Because there is such a variation of walking aids including three wheeled walkers, 4 wheeled walkers and various other rollators, there is also a lot of variation in the available accessories.

Four Wheeled Walkers

Comfort hand pads are excellent for using with both three wheeled walkers and 4 wheeled walkers and offer additional comfort for the user’s hands. Other accessories for walking aids include ferrules, crutch pods and personal alarms.

All of these walking aid accessories allow people to stay safe when out and about with their walking aids and also to stay comfortable when using them too.

NRS Mobility Access Products