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Our varied range of wheelchairs is designed to accommodate your specific requirements. Folding wheelchairs and lightweight wheelchairs give great flexibility to users by easily fitting into the boot of your vehicle when you're driving. We also supply general purpose wheelchairs as well as bariatric options so whether you're using your wheelchair independently or with assistance, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Transit Chairs And Mobility Wheelchairs

NRS Healthcare sells various transit chairs or mobility wheelchairs which enable people who are unable to or struggle to walk to still move around both inside and outside of their house. Instead of being confined to their bed or having to rely on someone else to help them, people can use a transit chair to independently move around.

Light Wheelchairs

Whilst some of the mobility wheelchairs are user propelled, others are carer propelled and do require someone else to push them. This type of chair is ideal for when the person goes out for the day with family. The mobility wheelchairs are durable, comfortable and can be used on a variety of different surfaces.

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